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Stacie Dunlop is a multi-hyphenate artist of hybrid work based in Toronto, Canada. Focusing on the reimagining of performative work in a collaborative, process-driven way, this creative visionary-performer-producer-voice technician is inspired by the cross-pollination between the worlds of contemporary classical music and opera, contemporary circus arts and contemporary theatre. 

With a career of over 30 years that has concentrated on innovative voice performance, voice teaching, and production of several original works, Stacie has a multiplicity of perspectives to redefine and reimagine her artistry and creativity in a post-pandemic world.

Her creative process begins with the underlying goal of reimagining an existing work, and revisioning that work into a new form by taking a thought/dream/vision and animating it. The Lonely Child Project is her current collaborative focus with contemporary circus artists Angla Murdoch and Holly Treddenick, with previous projects being: Ascension, a contemporary circus/new-music hybrid with Balancing on the Edge, Rêve doux-amer, an art-song/music-theatre hybrid, and The Harvester/Erwartung Project, an opera/new opera-theatre hybrid. 

Her next focus, Forgiving my Mother, a project in collaboration with composer Frank Horvath and supported by a Canada Council for the Arts Research and Creation Grant, is a multi-disciplinary music theatre work spanning the bridges between theatre, opera and the world of improvisation in both the body and the voice. 

In a more traditional creative sense, Ms. Dunlop has been engaged recently as a performer with the Canadian Opera Company, Hamilton Philharmonic, London Sinfonia and the Kitchener Waterloo Symphony. Highly involved in the creation of new music, Stacie has commissioned works from several Canadian composers, and as a recording artist, can be heard on the Centrediscs label in My Life in Widening Circles and Hymns of Heaven and Earth.

A teacher of great demand, Stacie has extensive training in the Roy Hart theatre-based vocal pedagogy and performance that connects the mind, body, and soul while exploring the full range of the voice. She uses this vehicle to help other artists find their path to creative authenticity as singers and actors.

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