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Who can benefit from my guidance?

  • Voices in transition
  • Actors looking to enrich and free-up their spoken and singing voice
  • Singer/songwriters looking to strengthen their voice and work on endurance for touring
  • Young singers looking to build their voice in preparation for auditions or competitions
  • Any person, singer or non-singer, looking to explore their voice
  • Corporate clients looking to find a more confident, healthy, well-placed voice

I am here to help you

Please contact me if you are interested in exploring YOUR voice with ME

Private lessons:

Avenues of exploration:

Singing: classical, musical theatre, extended voice/extended body (Roy Hart Theatre influenced)

Spoken voice: text, poetry, theatrical monologues, speeches

Online teaching:

$95/hour: lessons are a minimum of 60-minutes in length and are taught online

In-studio teaching:

$125/hour: either 90 minutes or 120 minutes in length: by special request

Group workshops:

Finding the truth in your voice:

Explore the whole voice, body & soul connection through the roy hart voice work. these workshops have an intimate class size of and are open to everyone, singer or non-singer, looking to find the truth in their voice through artistic expression while investigating the connections between body, movement, voice, emotion and music. this will be facilitated through body awareness work, themed ateliers, group and individual singing lessons. The journey will be to discover the truth in your voice by diving into your own creative space and emotional depth so that you can bring this into your artistic expression and your life.


3-hour (half-day), 6-hour (full day) and 12-hour (2-day) group intensives: minimum 6 participants.

Please contact me for workshop fees

24-hour cancellation policy:

You will be charged full price for lessons that are missed or cancelled


Bachelor of Music (vocal performance): New England Conservatory, Boston, MA USA

Master of Music (vocal performance/voice pedagogy): Memorial University, St. John’s, NL Canada

Roy Hart Theatre Centre (certified teacher): Malérargues, France