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Private Lessons and Workshops


Avenues of exploration: singing: classical, musical theatre, extended voice/extended body (Roy Hart Theatre influenced) and straight spoken voice.

2023 fees: $85/hour includes hst. Lessons are a minimum of 60-minutes in length and are taught online or 90-minutes or more in-person by special  request. Please contact me for workshop fees. 

I am a classically trained singer with a Master of Vocal Pedagogy who is an apprentice teacher at the International Roy Hart Theatre Centre. I work one-on-one or in a group workshop setting. No matter what genre of music you are interested in, we will work together to develop a stronger and more confident individual sound. The work is classically based while incorporating the body and delving into your creative core.
Whether you are an actor looking to enrich and free-up your singing voice, a singer/songwriter looking to strengthen your voice and work on endurance issues that can be a big factor in touring, a young singer looking to build the voice in preparation for auditions or competitions or any person, singer or non-singer, looking to explore your voice, I am here to help you.
I am also a corporate voice coach, guiding people in the business world to find a more confident, healthy and well placed voice. Please get in touch if you are interested in exploring YOUR voice with ME.
24-hour Cancellation policy:
You will be charged full price for lessons that are missed or cancelled 

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