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SPECIAL OFFER: Three tiers of possibilities: 1: 50% off 2. PWYC 3. Straight trade: I would like to improve my language skills in French, Italian and German and also have interests in astrology, numerology and tarot for either readings or interpretation…and aerial!!!
Avenues of exploration: singing: classical, musical theatre, extended voice/extended body (Roy Hart Theatre influenced) and straight spoken voice.
First 1/2 hour intro lesson FREE for those who have never worked with me before. Please share with your community.

I am a classically trained singer with a Master of Vocal Pedagogy who is currently in training at the Roy Hart Theatre Centre in their Advanced Pedagogic Group. I work one-on-one or in a group workshop setting. No matter what genre of music you are interested in, we will work together to develop a stronger and more confident individual sound. The work is classically based while incorporating the body and delving into your creative core. Lessons are a minimum of one-hour in length and are taught at my home-based studio and the rate is $100/hour. Whether you are an actor looking to enrich and free-up your singing voice, a singer/songwriter looking to strengthen your voice and work on endurance issues that can be a big factor in touring, a young singer looking to build the voice in preparation for auditions or competitions or any person, singer or non-singer, looking to explore your voice, I am here to help you. I am also a corporate voice coach, guiding people in the business world to find a more confident, healthy and well placed voice. Please get in touch if you are interested in exploring YOUR voice with ME.

What My Students Are Saying

  • We love Stacie! Her fun and thoughtful approach has made us stronger and more confident singers. In both one-on-one and group sessions, Stacie has helped us work on technique, musicality, and stage presence through folk songs, our original repertoire and spoken word pieces. She always meets each of us where we are and has helped us flourish as musicians and as people.” The Bombadils
  • Stacie Dunlop means the world to me. We met at the Banff Centre in 2013 where she graciously offered to work with me based on some vocal questions I’d shared ~ work with ALL of me is what she did! Stacie is a thoughtful teacher, coach, and constant support. She accepts her students as the complete performers they are, listens to understand the Artist’s unique vision (in my case a singing, improvising, storytelling cellist) and then tirelessly and flexibly uses her wealth of experience and intuitive communication to help you develop skills that will lead you closer to what is a truly successful creative performance of your own design. If she has been unable to give a lesson prior to an event she has still been there to align me with right thinking before I walk on stage. I value her vocal expertise, her knowledge of what it means to be a successful artist, her tenacity through blocks, her ability to bring me to “a Ha!” moments, and her loving care to guide me pre-performance. I can’t say enough good about Stacie’s all-encompassing holistic approach to each student’s individual needs and how she fearlessly dives into all areas of body, mind, emotion, and spirit, to help her students realize their performance goals. I hope everyone gets the opportunity to experience Stacie’s Gift ~ Thank You to the Moon and Back!” Morag Northey 
  • I had Stacie Dunlop as a voice teacher for about three years. Stacie is one of those teachers that you remember long after studying with them. Stacie is a very talented singer herself, which I witnessed when I attended one of her shows. In the lessons, she was always making you push farther than you thought you could. She was always prepared and always expected you to be as well. In matters outside of lessons, she was a huge asset. She helped me enter plenty of competitions that I had never heard of. For some reason, singing makes you become very emotional, and a good teacher who understands can be difficult to find. When I would break down, Stacie would always help me and I would be able to continue. Stacie even presented to me a university she thought I would like, and it was the one I chose. Those three years studying with Stacie were very beneficial, and I am so glad I had the opportunity to study with her.” Rosalie Dowling

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